Stay Welcoming

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! Here’s a reminder to stay open. Stay welcome. Each emotion, each experience, each thought can and is meant to be a learning experience if we let it! Be more welcoming to your experiences. Understand what your can learn from them and why you are being faced with them. After all, they are all visitors working to guide us ✨

Grow through life 

Good morning everyone! So much to be thankful for this morning as I get back into the swing of things after the long weekend. I spent my time in a new place seeing and doing new things with people I love. Although I’m feeling a little under the weather, I won’t let that stop me! Thankful for a safe trip, for coming back to work I love, and for a new week! My mantra for this week, “don’t go through life, grow through it!” Take advantage of your experiences, your knowledge, the people and places around you! Use each day to grow and love ❤️ 

Don’t wish your days away

Good morning everyone!! After some morning reflection, here’s what I came up with. Don’t wish your days away! When we truly use each day as a chance to grow, we will grow to appreciate and value that time. We will want every second and every minute we have! And that is when we are truly living 💪🏼💓 I was such an offender of wishing days away without realizing it. I would wait for the weekend, for events, and just try to get through my day. After shifting to using my days in a new way and appreciating each second I have to make myself my best self and pursue my goals, I look forward to each day and my life feels so full! Challenge yourself. If you need to find something to look forward to each day, that’s fine! You can create that for yourself. Make it a point to learn something new everyday. Set up your self-care. Enjoy your life to the fullest!

Good morning everyone!! What’s our message for today?? Associate yourself with people of good quality. This could not be any truer! If you want to grow, surround yourself with others who want to grow. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with others who are positive! We don’t recognize and utilize the supports around us as much as we could be or sometimes if we do, it’s not in a helpful way. Be aware of the people you are around and how they make you feel. I’m not saying you need to clear house on your family and friends if they’re not the most positive people, but then it’s up to you to branch out and create a more positive and supportive atmosphere for yourself! And trust me, it’s easier to find than you think!

When life is sweet, celebrate!

Today is just one of those days for me! Whenever you have a day where you’re just overflowing with positivity, good vibes, and promising growth embrace it! It’s important to acknowledge and reflect on these times because it’s not every day this happens. Honor where you are. If today is a great day and there’s a lot of great things coming your way (😉) say thank you and celebrate! If it’s a day where you feel off or things don’t seem to be going as planned then reflect. Find out why. Say thank you and grow from those things! Looking forward to sharing some awesome things coming up. Tell me about some of your celebrations!⬇️ I’d love to hear them and help you celebrate!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I’m getting ready for the new week with this quote in mind and in my heart. “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase”. Wise words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If you play scared, you won’t get anywhere. Have faith; trust in yourself and the process. Put the work in and know it will take you where you’re meant to be! Cheers to a new week

Keep growing 

It’s Saturday and I’m back on my old stomping grounds! Want to know why? I’m here for a training on bullying, aggression, and social media. Continuing education in many fields is required because it’s so necessary. Sometimes, once we accomplish a goal or begin feeling better, we tend to coast. And this is a HUGE mistake. We think “I made it! I’m good now!” When in reality, this is the time to push and grow even further. This relates to personal matters as well. If you are struggling with something, you acquire tools or supports to cope but once it feels better you may slack off or not be as dedicated to those things. Again, when things seem to get better or you get that dream job, that’s when you dedicate yourself and work that much harder! Never stop growing💕✨

Take action

Good morning everyone! This is your reminder to take action! It’s not enough to dream, think, or want. It’s important to get clear on those things, but you still need action! This was something I struggled with before at times. I knew what I wanted but it was like I was waiting for it to happen! I was able to make that shift for myself and everything changed✨ if you take any action, it is a step towards change. You have that power! And if you need help taking those steps or figuring out what they are, I got you! Currently offering FREE 20 minute consults for online Life Coaching 💓

No limits

Never put a limit on your dreams or expectations. This is not something I was always able to tell myself, but it is something I live by now. By developing and buying into this idea, I have been able to change my life for the better in every aspect. Not only have I done this for myself, but I am passionate about empowering others and helping them to do the same. So today, along with every other day, start buying into the idea that you can have what you want. Don’t be ashamed of your dreams or desires. Be honest with yourself and work towards them! Don’t limit yourself, live to your fullest!

Challenge yourself 

Good morning and happy Tuesday! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, each day or week is a new chance; a new opportunity. But, unless we do something different, nothing will be different. SO, this week I decided to take on a challenge proposed by the creators of @lusciouslivingpodcast ✨ the challenge is the Facebook live challenge where we are going to be posting daily Facebook live videos throughout the week. Did I mention I’ve never done one and this is totally out of my comfort zone?! Either way, I am committing to it and am excited to start. My first session will be live TODAY at 3:30pm est. join me as I talk about the difference between therapy and life coaching and my passion for both! If you can’t make it, be sure to watch it back! 💕